The library comprises of latest reference numbering more than over 50,000 books & journals have been divided into various sections such are:- References, Stock with reading room facility, Resource and book bank section. The Library also has subscribed national / International journals and magazines.

Coputer Center

The computer centre equipped with over 550 systems of state-of-art Intel Hyper-Threading Processors. The Computers are connected to the Local Area network (LAN) and administered by a HP Tower Servers, in an Advanced Intra-Net. Licensed Software comprising of operating system software (Microsoft Window 8) and application Software (Microsoft Office 2010, Lotus Smart Suit) along with educational software such as C, C++, Unix, Fortran, Linux, AutoCAD are available for the students to sharpen their skills.


Facilities/activities, both extra-curricular and co-curricular, like debates, declamation, quiz drama, creative writing, excursions, painting and music are essential ingredients of the Institute training. Sports club, photographic club, eco club & Literary club are some of the clubs that aid to the allround development of the students.

Health Center

To ensure prompt, adequate care and medication of students, a health centre is established with the assistance of competent physicians, under care of Dr. K.P. Yadav & Major Dr. Mukul in the campus. In order to keep the students and the staff members healthy. In tune with the ancient, though recently revived, science of yoga and meditation, regular familiarization of these techniques is a part of daily routine.

Caution Against Ragging

Ragging/any type of ragging of misconduct towards any student either in the college campus or outside will be consider as criminal offence and will be immediately reported to the police. Perpetrators will not be permitted to continue studies. The court order related to this subject will be strictly followed.

No case of ragging has been reported in this college in the previous academic years.