Electronics & Communication Engg.


An Overview

In a rapidly evolving technological world, Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) plays an important role in the creation of new ideas, products and solutions. At the Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) Department, we provide a nurturing environment which prepares students for a career in industry, business or research. ECE graduates will have strong foundations in the fundamental concepts and analytical tools of contemporary electrical engineering including Semiconductor Devices, Digital signal processing, Communication System, Control & Systems, Microprocessor systems, Digital Electronics, VLSI, Wireless Communication, Satellite Communication, Optical Fiber and Communications. With their solid foundation, they are amongst the most versatile graduates who will be able to take on diverse careers.


Fresh graduates find openings in the Electronics, Telecommunication and the Computer industry. A large majority of our graduates receive offers for employment at their pre final year of study.With DIGITAL REVOLUTION that has taken the world by storm, B.Techqualified engineers in the Electronics & Communication Engineering stream have ample and challenging job opportunities in the country and outside.

Facilities in ECE Department

ECE department has laboratories in VLSI, Digital Signal Processing, Communication Systems, Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Microprocessor, TSS&N, Microwave Engineering, Semiconductor Devices and other basic laboratories required for conducting experiments pertaining to VBU Hazaribag syllabus.