Dr. Ravindra Kumar

Strengths:- Decisive, Determined and Hard working.

Belief:- What is success? Everyone seems to think about it quite differently! While some people think that money or fame equals success, there is a lot more to it than that. True success is not about things or status, but is about the kind of person you are and the positive impact you have on the world.



Er. Vishal Kumar

Strengths:- Positive attitude, Knowledgeable and always keen to learn more.

Belief:- The life of a student is full of difficulties, the number of papers and books to read, but if you are take it as a challenge and not as a torture will see that everything will be easier to carry.



Er. Romus A

Strengths:- Dedicated, Devoted, willingness to take risk,Orderly mind and methodical way of thinking.

Belief:- If you were wrong in some evaluations , does not mean you should give up. That these errors push you to study more diligently so you can show everyone and yourself that nothing can make you to turn back.



Er. Sarbajit Roy

Strengths:- Effective communicator, Committed and Knowleadgeable.

Belief:- Never give up your dreams, if you are already half way and then you have many difficulties get over them, only with your studies you will feel fulfilled.